Grin n’ Bear It

A friend of mine was given a few days at a rental cabin this past weekend, and he asked me to go! Of course I jumped at it, and we made it a super fun, furry weekend in the woods! Let me tell you about this cabin, this is an awesome cabin! It was at “Little Valley Mountain resort” in Sevierville Tennessee a few miles from Pigeon Forge. This place has multiple cabins, but the cabin we were in was called “Grin n’ Bear It”. The whole thing was decorated in a black bear theme. It had a fireplace, a jacuzzi bath tub, and a hot tub on a private outdoor deck! Skinny dipping abound I’ll tell you. Another I would have liked to have seen was “The Fox Den” Which I would assume has appropriately themed fox decor. I wouldn’t go to that 3 floor beauty unless I was splitting it with quite a few other people though. There was also one named “Wild Willow” which I thought was quite a fun name. For the most part we just hung out, talked and drank for most of it. There was also a outdoor fire pit, but we didn’t get a chance to use that because of the weather. That weekend was way too short and way too fun, and I think we’re going to make it an annual event. I had far too good a time not to agree to that!

See more pics and info about the cabin here!
Grin n’ Bear It Cabin Rental

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