Anthrocon 2015

Anthrocon was and is always a blast! This year brought a special first for me; FURSUITING! I finally got my fursuit. It is the cutest thing and it is so much fun to wear and express myself, and after all, isn’t that a big part of what this is all about?

I drove up the Monday before the convention (6+ hours)

to stay with my friends Kish and Taurin Fox (who were also new to suiting this year) for a couple days, and when it was finally time to go, we all rode in together to save on parking. It was so great seeing everyone in person again, online communication only goes so far and a year was far too long to be without the some of the closest members of my extended family.

We headed out on Wednesday and the furries had already started to show up. We weren’t able to get a room at the Westin which is the main hotel because we were late signing up, but we got into the Omni which was extremely nice. I felt a little out of place in a hotel that classy, but we spent very little time there anyway. The only bad thing was the 3 block walk in a sweltering fursuit, but that didn’t dampen the mood or the fun in the least.

The best thing about this years Anthrocon was the fursuit parade. Normally I was in the crowd looking in, but this year I got to participate! ezgif-1090879790There was a change in this years parade, the route. We got to head outside and strut our stuf in front of the denizens of Pittsburgh themselves. They really do love us. An estimated 5000 kids and adults showed up to see all the fluff. It was unreal, the photos and the cheering, I thought: “This is what famous people must feel like.” The energy was so intense, it really got everyone worked up.

The 2 Gryphon comedy show and the Uncle Kage story hour was great as always, and the Kage 2gether charity show on Sunday was both hilarious and for a good cause. All hail the great giraffe. BREEE! (You had to be there.)

I was able to meet lots of new people, including many fursuiters and got to catch up with many old friends I hadn’t seen in person for a while.

I can’t explain every little detail of what happened over the weekend as that would take far too long, but I can honestly say that Anthrocon weekend is the biggest event I look forward to every year, and I am proud to be a part of something so great.

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