Halloween in Vermont

“Heading home”, There is no sweeter phrase to my big, pointy ears. A warm bed and a cuddly kitty cat both await.  I am sitting on the airplane home while I write this. Interesting being on my laptop at 30k feet, can’t see a thing through all these clouds… THERE’S SOMETHING ON THE WING! … oh…. it’s a light, false alarm.

Was wonderful seeing my family back in my home state of Vermont, I do miss it quite a bit. The winters especially. I’m not made for this hot weather down here. The air smells…fresher somehow up there. I try to make it back at least once a year and I plan on coming during the summer next time. Did a few things over the Halloween holiday, Halloween was one of our favorite times of year, we would decorate the house all up and we were the highlight of the town. Unfortunately everything was destroyed in a flood a few years back and we lost our Halloween spirit, which is okay. There doesn’t seem to be as much going around anyway lately. There used to be Halloween specials left and right on television, and good ones too! I’m not sure I saw a tenth as many trick or treaters either.

I was sorry to see Ellie’s was not holding their annual pumpkin show this year. Jack O’ Lanterns as far as the eye can see, they decorate the entire hill, it’s massive. Might take a good hour or so to

“Bad Seed”

Happy Halloween fellow ghouls and goblins!  Just wanted to throw out  a quick post on this spooky of all days and tell you about my favorite Halloween costume!  It’s called “Bad Seed” by Rubie’s Costume Creature Reachers and it consists of a gruesome pumpkin head and a pair of twisted root arms.  Super creepy! I used to own this incredible costume and it certainly did cause more than a few turned heads and jumps scares in it’s day. Unfortunately it was lost to a flood in the basement a few years back and it is no more. It will live on in my most treasured Halloween memories.

There are quite a few of these “reacher”costumes, and I encourage you to take a look. ( my other favorite is the bat )

Rubie’s Costume Creature Reachers

My very first blog post

Hey looky here. It’s a blog post! Call the newspapers!  This is my very first blog post in what I hope will be a long lasting project. I plan on using this for a few things, mainly talking about my adventures as a furry and having fun in all situations, because what is life without fun! BORING! THAT’S WHAT! For those of you who know me from other places you know I am a total Twitter-holic. I also plan on using this blog for a place to tweet things that may not fit in 140 characters or less. Sometimes you need 141, and that’s okay! So thanks for taking the time to stop by and take a looksy, I hope we get to be good friends!